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Spinz Casino Overview 

It strongly seems that the future of online gambling is finally here! That's what it looks like when you explore and review the new Spinz Casino. It's a stunning newcomer that has found a way to combine streaming and gambling, which is currently very much in vogue. With predictions pointing to a match made in heaven, it's no wonder there's a buzz around this newcomer.

The new and innovative Spinz is backed by Rootz Ltd. This company is a boutique that has captured the hearts of players with the Hasselhoff-starring and extremely hard-hitting and rewarding Wheelz Casino! And of course other big casino names such as Wildz and Caxino.

All the signs point strongly in the direction of hard-hitting action and a great atmosphere. Yes, this is something we've admittedly become accustomed to at the host company's previous casinos. Now it's time to find out if these positive premonitions are true and what kind of swirling, futuristic action is in store.

Website Look and Features 

Players have come to expect that each and every slot that Rootz runs is top-class. There will certainly be no exceptions to this rule, and Spinz Casino will continue along with the same quality.

The implementation is stunningly good and distinctive, but at the same time, the site is reminiscent of the company's other gaming venues. However, it is by no means a cut and paste solution, but rather a strong brand identity that shines through in an exemplary manner. To conclude, it makes the site easily recognisable as part of the same casino family.

The visuals have been well thought out, and the company's use of bold colours and modern playfulness, familiar from other gaming platforms, is also present in this, the company's latest venture. Most exceptional of all, however, is the casino's own streaming platform. In other words, you can look forward to exciting moments with famous and new streamers alike. This certainly sets the site apart from the competition, so it's quite an asset!

Spinz Casino Bonuses

This stylish and wildly innovative newcomer offers an impeccable benefits package that makes it a pleasure to get acquainted with the site's different offerings. The whole package is redeemable directly with an opening deposit. As for the welcome package, it offers 100% up to €300 free cash plus a nice 100 free spins.

So it's quite a substantial bang for your buck, and one that's well worth grabbing. The first deposit for a beginner player is doubled up to €300. So, if you decide to make the most of this offer, you'll get started with a €600 bankroll at Spinz. In addition to the 35x wagering requirements, it's worth noting that this benefit is a non-sticky bonus.

Once a qualifying deposit is made, the free games included in the package will also be activated. These 100 free spins will be distributed in batches of 10 over a 10-day period. And, the first 10 spins will pop up as soon as you make your deposit. The remaining free spins will be offered over the next 9 days and will be worth €0.10 each.

First Deposit Bonus

Spinz Casino Games 

Of course, the site's exceptional and innovative streaming platform makes it extremely easy and fun to get to know the games, as players can easily familiarise themselves with the titles on offer by watching the streams. Of course, the games library can also be explored in the traditional manual style and, as you'd expect, the standard is of course extremely high across the board!

On a practical level, the selection is identical to its sister site Wheelz, meaning there's so much entertainment and gameplay to be found that it doesn't matter! The list of game developers is also quite extensive, with no fewer than fifty different familiar players whose games have entertained millions of gamers around the world. There are of course giants like Microgaming and NetEnt, plus many more.

With a variety of games available in practically all the familiar categories, Spinz customers can enjoy the best slots, big jackpot games and other titillating titles. There's no betting on offer, but all the offerings of a traditional online casino can be found in this casino cave's large and very impressive game library.


In the traditional style, the most popular slot games on this site are slots, which are practically the most popular offering of any casino. The quantity and quality is there for the taking, so the quality-conscious customer looking for a quality slots library will certainly not be disappointed with what Spinz has to offer.

Whether you're a fan of the most popular and well-known slots, or alternatively the more unusual and lesser-known titles, the site's quality selection will not disappoint. The scale is huge and there's plenty to choose from.

Jackpot games

The selection is also extremely strong when it comes to jackpot games, meaning that millions of dollars in winnings are constantly at players' fingertips. The choice is also at a staggering level, so no one will be left cold when it comes to these world-famous grinders.

The sheer number of progressive jackpot games available ensures that chasing the big wins and personally preparing yourself for the million-dollar payout that comes your way in any given round of play will be a lot of fun. From Arabian Nights to Mega Moolah and everything in between, you'll find the toughest games in the genre.

Live games

Live card and table games, which enjoy huge popularity, have of course also found their way to Spinz Casino, so there's plenty of that too. The quality of the games has been taken very seriously, with games sourced from some of the toughest producers in the industry. This means, of course, that the selection includes live hits from Evolution Gaming, among others.

This means that players can enjoy all sorts of classic games with the game master doing his job and running the game over a video link. There's a healthy dose of modern and hugely popular game show titles to choose from, as well as evergreen hits such as roulette and more!

Other games

There's also a healthy dose of good old-fashioned table games, of course, which are basically the same titles as the live casino output, albeit without the revolutionary live feature. So you can enjoy the evergreen casino classics at your own leisure.

Of course, there's also well over 100 different games with Megaways features, so there's plenty of enhanced versions of these hit slots in the game library. And there's even a variety of scratch cards to choose from! There's nothing too special about Spinz's selection, but the main thing is that the so-called basic blocks are in excellent order.

Popular Casino Games

Spinz Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

The site offers a wide range of different payment methods, meaning that there is a method to suit every player's needs. Like other Rootz casino sites, this newcomer operates with a traditional account opening process, so it's not a trendy deposit and play site. That said, there are a number of nifty payment methods on offer!

If you want your money to go both ways as effortlessly and quickly as possible, then you'll want to give priority to the amazingly convenient and fast-paced Brit. This service, which works with bank IDs, transfers money in real time, and online wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are also very responsive.

Traditional payment methods can also be used, allowing players to make payments using standard credit and debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Payments can also be made conveniently by phone via SIRU Mobile, for example, which also includes services such as Transfer and other familiar services.

Spinz Casino Customer Support 

If anyone, this company is known for its excellent language policy and highly professional localization, meaning that at Spinz Casino, customers can expect a world-class customer service experience! No language skills are required, so if you're fluent in your native tongue and can express yourself in that language! So you don't really need to use English unless you want to do so for some reason.

Clearly, good and excellent customer service is a source of pride for both Spinz and the casino owner, as so much effort has been put into this area. With extremely friendly and always helpful customer support staff on call at all times, support is available when you need it most.

In the usual style, there are several customer service channels, the first of which is the FAQ section. If this is not enough to resolve the situation, you can approach support either via live chat or email ([email protected]). Both contact methods are fast, but of the two options available, live chat is definitely the faster one.

What kind of player is Spinz Casino suitable for?

If you're looking for a gaming cave that meets all your needs, here's one for you! Brand new and innovative, Spinz Casino is an extremely high-quality gaming venue that serves all European players in an exemplary and truly great way. The localisation is 100% excellent and the whole experience is tailor-made for European tastes.

One of the biggest trump cards and attractions of the site is of course the extremely good and substantial game selection. This ensures that there is plenty of entertainment and that players enjoy the site. In addition to this, streaming is one of the site's biggest assets, as it is guaranteed to attract many Twitch users and other streaming enthusiasts to the Spinz experience.

In addition to these features, the site is also ideal for fans of promotions and competitions, as there's a steady stream of these too! The overall experience is extremely diverse and high quality, making the MGA-licensed site an extremely good choice for any European spinner!

Spinz Casino: Players' Reviews 

“I've never seen anything like this before! A stylish and good package that would work just fine without the special features. Of course, I have to give the site a big plus for the fact that they've also invested in special features like streaming, so you'll really enjoy playing here!”

“An exceptionally high-quality new product! The front-end package is spot on, there's plenty to play, and in addition to all the other good stuff, there's also streaming. This one stands out from the crowd, so I'm expecting a big success. I for one will continue to be a customer of this cave, as the standard is amazingly high.”

“There's plenty to play, the site is nicely localised and has a distinct identity. I could do with more of these because I've had enough of the same boring copies of each other. Let's hope this kind of innovation really takes off, because this is something I really enjoy!”

The response from gamers has been extremely enthusiastic, and no wonder. The combination of streaming with gaming has clearly been a stroke of genius for many, and no wonder, as streaming is now so popular! Many players who have left feedback believe that Spinz will rise to the top of the popularity charts!

There doesn't seem to be anything bad to say about the site, but there's plenty of praise to go around. The quality of the localisation and the great games, among other things, have been a big hit with customers. Plus, the big welcome offer for players who have already had time to try the site out at this stage.

Stream Casino

Is Spinz Casino reliable?

All the security issues at Spinz have been handled as well as only Rootz can do! So, it's been handled perfectly in every way! Of course, the fact that it's a big and well-known operator's site is a guarantee that things will work properly and reliably, but there are also plenty of other reliability aces up their sleeve.

This casino has the best possible encryption technology in place, which means that player data and funds are very safe and secure. In addition, the site holds an MGA license from the European authorities (MGA/B2C/599/2018). This, of course, ensures that everything is working as it should and that player security is priority number one.

Summary: outstanding quality 

As expected, Spinz Casino offers players an unrivalled and unprecedented experience in the world of gaming. So, it's definitely worth jumping on board! Even if the site was a traditional gaming site it would easily be one of the best, but the streaming features put it in a league of its own!

The quality is exactly what you would expect from a Rootz product. So, no corners have been cut and everything has been done as well as possible. This is of course reflected in the casino's game selection, the visual design, the localised support, and really in everything else.

The whole thing is practically perfect. Thus, it goes without saying that Spinz gets an unreserved recommendation from our team. What's more, it's a preliminary award for the biggest innovation of 2022! This excellent newcomer is not to be missed, even if you're a boomer who doesn't know a thing about streaming.

Our experience with Spinz Casino 

I belong to the generation that doesn't understand much of the younger generation's nonsense, so things like streaming are quite unfamiliar and alien to me. However, all new innovations are interesting enough to make me take an open-minded approach and see what the fuss is all about.

As soon as I arrived at the site, I was stunned, as the elegant layout made an immediate and indelible impression. The design was nicely colourful and excellent in every way. And this makes the site a pleasure to navigate from the start. The localisation was also very well done, so the package was very competent in this respect as well.

While exploring the layout and functions of the site, I also noticed the welcome offer from Spinz. It was a good and delicious set all round. With the site's layout, localisation, features and the starter benefits on offer all in such good shape, it's reasonable to assume that the good feeling will continue in other areas too.

This assumption and guessing was, to my delight, completely spot-on! The game cave was a first-class and stylish package in all other respects. The selection of games is so big and handsome that you simply can't help but enjoy it, so in this respect, it's all very well in hand.

All in all, this is an excellent, high-quality package that is well worth testing! Again yes, even if you are not interested in the streaming features. The high quality and versatility of the whole thing is a great way to ensure that even a chalcophile like me enjoys the site's atmosphere and the good things it has to offer.

Spinz Casino FAQ

Is Spinz Casino a safe casino?

This site is absolutely 100% reliable and safe. The site is part of a family of products from one of the industry's most beloved owners. This, in turn, means that players are in extremely good and trustworthy hands.

Does Spinz Casino give out any bonuses or free spins to its players?

Beginning players will receive both benefits directly from their opening deposit. With a total of €300  and 100 free spins, it's a very comprehensive and delicious package. This is sure to please every player.

How do I open an account at Spinz Casino?

Once the site officially opens its doors to players, you can go directly to the casino's homepage and open an account. It's a simple and quick process and once the account is created, you can start playing immediately.

Is Spinz Casino a scam?

This is far from a scam. The site is duly licensed with a staggeringly reliable MGA license, which in turn ensures that there is no room for any scam. The controls are tight and the site is completely secure.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Spinz Casino?

The site offers a wide range of payment methods for money transactions. There are many traditional and familiar methods, as well as more specialised payment services, of course. Speed hasn't been forgotten either.

Which license does Spinz Casino operate under and are winnings tax-free?

This site operates under an MGA licence, meaning that it is licensed by the European authorities. For all players from the Eurozone, this means that there is no tax or other extra charges on winnings.

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