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Lapilanders Review 

L.C.S Limited, the company behind the impressive background, has created a number of great titles such as Wallacebet and SvenPlay Casino. Gaming trips to these sites have certainly been made by many out there on the other side of the screen, but have you ever tried the hidden gem from the same manufacturer called Lapilanders. If not, then it's worth keeping your eyes peeled now, because your interest could be piqued very quickly.

Launched in 2021, Lapilanders Casino is an operator that focuses on clarity and ease of use, with a diverse offering that includes both casino games and betting. Almost everything that traditional online gambling has to offer can be found under one roof, so the starting point is excellent.

And as you can see from the welcome bonus discussed earlier, it's not just modern gimmicks, there's plenty of familiar stuff on offer too. Some say it's a great mix of new and old, and that's something we'd like to find out more about. So let's get the review going!

The Website Look 

From the outside, this is a very interesting piece of work in more ways than one. There is a clear effort to enliven the atmosphere with colourfulness and spectacular solutions, but at the same time the overall look remains very restrained and in keeping with the gaming tradition. Lapilanders is not a freak of nature, but it is not the usual grey mass either.

The first thing that strikes you is the logo of the venue, with its many different colours and almost a rainbow of colours. This also sounds like a very unsettling and unconvincing solution, but in reality it is a very nice piece of work. The rest of Lapilanders Casino is a blue shade of blue, which is known to symbolise tranquillity, success and self-confidence, all of which are well suited to the way it works.

And if the theme is to be explored in more detail, it can be seen that there are also a few Gods involved. The big banner on the front page features Thor, the god of thunder, and his big hammer. Other mythological figures may also appear in the service, but this does not dominate the atmosphere of the venue and clarity is therefore well maintained.

Ease of Use 

Underneath the fine and well-finished exterior, a real powerhouse of interfaces is also revealed. The operator under review operates with really fast loading times and a smooth ride, so it won't be a drag. The buttons and games are very responsive, so it's a pleasure to use.

One important element of usability is also navigation and here Lapilanders has done a really good job. The menu on the left-hand side of the screen is very nice looking, very clear and of course useful, with all the main buttons across the board. There is a direct route to, for example, games, FAQ section, and campaigns.

Ease of use has therefore been a very high priority in Lapilanders Casino's development process and its fruits are there for players to enjoy. The structure is also relatively simple, despite the many options available, so there's no getting lost. So at this point, we can say that it's a nice, fast, and functional experience.

100% Bonus and Free Spins

Lapilanders Bonuses

Rumour has it that this welcome offer will provide warmth in the coldest weather, so let's take a peek at what's in store. Don't get too excited about this benefit, as there is a very basic deposit bonus up to €250 available. So Lapilanders' promotion isn't really anything special by market standards, but it's certainly a welcome boost.

  • Deposit offer: 100% advantage up to €250

One of the delights of this promotion is of course its simplicity, as there are no spins, for example, which would be split into many different parts that could be challenging to keep up with. It's so simple that as long as you make a deposit of at least €30, you'll get double your money back. However, deposits over €250 won't be doubled by Lapilanders, so that's something to keep in mind.

The terms and conditions aren't any more complicated than normal either, but the same familiar things come up. Deposit and excess play money must be wagered 50 times, within 30 days and different play styles meet the requirement in different ways. We advise you to check the wagering percentage offered by your favourite genre to avoid any nasty surprises.

Lapilanders Games 

On first contact, it is easy to imagine that the choice and categorisation of games is somehow limited in the case of Lapilanders. This is no doubt due to the fact that only the four most popular lists have been selected as the main categories. Fortunately, however, the situation is not what it seems, and the available filter reveals just what can be found in the massive library.

The filtering tool includes several other categories, dozens of game publishers, and themes with different atmospheres, so there's sure to be something to suit all tastes. We don't know the exact number of products, but we're sure there will be at least hundreds if not thousands of different options.

Many people on the other side of the screen will also be interested to know who the game manufacturers are. Well, Lapilanders has thrown its lot in with all the big players, including Betsoft, NetEnt, and Microgaming, but there are also many, many smaller producers. Frankly, this collection of games is really good!


This is a team that everyone knows and is familiar with, and there aren't many surprises to be had here. The hit games have been at the top of the charts year after year, and they're not going to be knocked off their perch lightly. However, with a steady stream of fresh and attractive options to challenge the established players, it's bound to be a tough choice.

Fortunately for all of us, Lapilanders has plenty to do, so the choice between games can be made under one roof. To this end, there are the categories we've already outlined, with large numbers of different slot games to try out. This section is just as good as it should be.


Impressive sights can also be encountered in the jackpots section, which is full to the brim. There are dozens of different options and some of the biggest hits in the industry, such as Mega Moolahee. It's no wonder, then, that this category is so well highlighted at Lapilanders.

If you like colourful, fast-paced, loud and noisy slot machines then this is the place for you. Of course, the jackpots are even more different from normal machines thanks to their huge payouts, and some lucky person might even go home a millionaire today from a site that's really well-placed to chase big wins.


Another category of games that has received a lot of attention and appreciation are the Megaways games, which too rarely get to enjoy such a status. Many times you will come across game hubs that don't even have a category for this genre. Lapilanders is therefore a truly exceptional case and should definitely be made the most of.

The selection is very nice and contains a good combination of quality and choice. The popularity of this caste is already at a good level, but we believe that in the future it will become even more popular and then the venues will have to be awake as well. So let's see in the future how this operator responds to the huge popular demand.

Live Casino 

On the left-hand side menu, you'll find a dedicated button for “Live Casino“, which is of course the biggest treat for many players. The selection at Lapilanders is very extensive and includes a wide variety of entertainment such as dice games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and many more.

When you first head to this part of the site, you'll be greeted with a whole collection of live games. Of course, this isn't a very pleasant approach to a large selection, so it's worth digging out the filter that came up earlier. It allows you to select the game that interests you and search through the options it offers.

Lapilanders Support 

Then it's time to take a very, very close look at a very important piece of the games industry puzzle. This is, of course, customer support or customer service, whatever you want to call it. Despite the choice of term, this is a feature that should be found in every gaming venue. This is the formula that Lapilanders has followed and the ‘contact us' section is easily found in the footer.

However, the mere presence of customer service is of little consolation if it is not of sufficient quality and relevance. Answers must be provided quickly and at any time if we are to talk about a genuine support service. Lapilanders has responded with a wide range of support channels and very generous opening hours.

The live chat on this site operates in a familiar way and is open every day from 10 am until 2 am. So you can almost always use this channel to contact us and because of the quick responses, it is also used by many. However, if an emergency occurs outside office hours, it's worth sending an email ([email protected]) to the multilingual service, which operates 24/7.

Lapilanders Payments 

When it comes to payments and related matters, it is very difficult to stand out in this sector. All operators use mostly the same reliable services, such as credit cards, e-wallets, and other payment methods, which can be found on this site as well. Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, and Paysafecard are good examples, and it's a good thing that the gaming sites are not so different from them.

However, this operator has somehow managed to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Lapilanders Casino has a very different payout limit, with €15 for deposits and €25 for withdrawals. The exact reasons for these unusual choices are not known, but they are worth paying attention to.

Otherwise, it's business as usual, so Lapilanders is not a strange bird. The speed of deposits and withdrawals depends largely on the payment method chosen and the associated processing times. For the most part, however, you can play quickly and the speed of withdrawals is very reasonable. More valuable information can be found in the terms and conditions or in the FAQ section.

Gaming Licence 

If you scroll to the very bottom of the page, where the famous footer is located, you will also encounter a sign for the authority operating on the spot. To cheers, Lapilanders is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/233/2013), and their strict regulations. There is absolutely no room for maneuver in this case.

This authority is the best-known and largest licensing body in the gaming industry but is by no means available to every gamer. Quality and honesty must be at the highest level if a licence is to be discussed at all. In addition, constant scrutiny and monitoring will ensure that there are no bad gaming sites under this licence.

Special Promotions

Trustpilot Reviews 

“The site is very functional and reliable. I personally like to use Trustly for payments and luckily it was also available this time. Plus comes from the fast transfers and processing, even though there was no rush. It's worth a visit to test your luck!”

“This Lapilanders is a completely new acquaintance for me, but luckily I found it. There are plenty of games available in a variety of formats, with all the big suppliers on board. I'm sure everyone will find something to do here, and if not, then it's worth looking in the mirror.”

“Everything went off without a hitch and very nicely. Setting up accounts etc. was quick and hassle-free, and it didn't take long to transfer the money. With a little more speed in the live chat, this would be a great destination for all players. Of course, it's already very good.”

Ease of use and fast money transfers have clearly been the main attraction for players and have been mentioned on several occasions. In addition, the presence of a games library and major game studios, for example, has brought a smile to many faces, and we're not surprised at all.

As editors, we largely agree with the feedback and the future of Lapilanders looks very bright. We are already sailing in clean waters in terms of reputation, and we don't think anything will come along that will succeed in ruining it. However, the work cannot be stopped to keep the players happy in the future.

Is Lapilanders a scam?

High-quality payment services, the largest game manufacturers in the industry, third-party certifications, and the largest licensing provider on the market. What more can be needed to assure you that this is an honest and trustworthy gaming site in every respect? Lapilanders certainly doesn't even think about cheating players, and it certainly wouldn't be profitable to do so.

It is not worth risking such a good start to a career for the sake of small wins by cheating, which in practice are also always caught. Lapilanders Casino's experienced backroom staff are smart enough not to indulge in any shady dealings. And in fact, on the contrary, more money has been invested in security and reliability.

Your money is guaranteed to stay safe with this treatment, and there is certainly no unfairness in the games either. And of course, if you feel that something is not working to the desired quality, you can contact the authority, which in this case will take care of it as soon as possible.

Is Lapilanders for me? 

The so-called active player's dream is at hand, and there is one clear reason why. There's a really interesting concept on offer, called Lapilanders Amusement Park, which acts like a loyalty programme. The exception is that there are benefits for every day, and no one is excluded.

So if you know you like to jump on the games every day, or even every other day, you'll be rewarded. You'll get cashback, reload bonuses, free spins, and other prizes, which of course boost the games. In addition, all other promotions are available from the introductory offer onwards.


Opened in 2021, the site is no longer a rookie in any area, but operates at the same high level as any other operator. Lapilanders' interface is of very high quality and its impressive layout is the perfect starting point for a nice gaming session.

The so-called formalities are quickly taken care of and a clear path leads directly to a spectacular collection of games. Players have the power to choose exactly the style they want to spend on everything from betting to Megaways. Whatever the choice, Lapilanders Casino will make sure you get the most out of your trip.

With customer support operating comfortably via live chat as well as email, help is sure to be forthcoming. Payments are also handy on the way home, although you shouldn't expect any one-minute withdrawals. The whole thing is strong and impressive in all respects, so this is something that anyone can enjoy.

Lapilanders FAQ 

Is Lapilanders a reliable online casino?

Reliability is guaranteed by the license issued by the authorities and the SSL security of the site, among other things. In addition, the site has a wide range of well-known partners who are responsible for the money transfer and the games.

How do I open an account at Lapilanders casino?

You can open an account at this site via the button on the homepage. You will then be asked for the necessary information and are ready to start enjoying yourself.

Where can I read about players experience with Lapilanders?

On this page, you will find a comprehensive range of customer comments and feedback. In addition, we at the editorial team have compiled our own thoughts on this gaming hub and formed an honest review with the opinion of the players.

Does Lapilanders offer bonuses and/or free spins?

For a new player, up to €250 worth of goodies is on offer on their first deposit. However, there are no spins this time.

How fast are payments at Lapilanders casino?

Depending on the payment method, deposits are made almost instantly, so you'll be up and running in no time. It takes up to three days for the withdrawal to appear in your account, after which the funds are available for your use.

Is Lapilanders Casino a scam?

It's definitely not a scam and the site is one of the most trustworthy operators. The company behind it has been doing quality work for a long time and this gaming site also has a quality guarantee, including a license from the authorities.

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